Web site is one of the indispensable part of your brand and also a business card of the digital age. Loop, combines technology with original design. You will enjoy being different than everyone.


Your company will be showcase through special software projects for your company. That means your productivity will increase and you will get the most value of your investments.


E-commerce is an online marketing act for Loop Dijital. We create a place where your products and customers meet. Loop Dijital, safe and easy exchange of address.


Social media means talking. Why do we wait? Let's talk. We reach millions of people through social media platforms. People can easily reach you through social media marketing.


About us

Loop, is a digital creativity agency.Our aim is to develop an identity in the virtual world which brings together original design and the right strategy for your all requirements of your brand.

We found Loop Dijital in Yeditepe University's 600 mt altitude in 2013.

Loop Dijital

We are proud with our successful projects.

Loop Dijital

78 pizza boxes are our secret weapon. Thinking is an activity that burns calories.

Loop Dijital


What is Responsive Design?

Responsive Design, the website to be displayed in a format compatible with mobile and tablet devices. Our all web sites perfectly works on tablet and mobile devices.

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Çağrı Çeker Çağrı Çeker Çağrı Çeker Project Manager (co-founder) +

Yiğitcan Haydar Yiğitcan Haydar Yiğitcan Haydar Web Designer (co-founder) +

Emre Güngör Emre Güngör Emre Güngör Software Specialist (co-founder) +

Fatih Doğan Fatih Doğan Fatih Doğan Software Specialist (co-founder) +

Additional Services

Hosting Service

We provide security and effective hosting service.You can choose different hosting plan for your project.

SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization, you are going to place at top and your web site visitor will increase through SEO.

Printing Works

Take your place in the world with written and visual content and story telling your unique design for your brand.